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New ways of distribution, focussing on the developments with grass root distribution and the influence of web 2.0, 3.0 and further ahead on documentary media distribution.

While the old ways of distributing media are under pressure from all the buzz words coming from the digital frontiers, VISIONAT MEDIA believes the future is complicated but bright and that internet opens up a new world of good opportunities to story tellers.

We have been following this developments since the debates and masterclasses we organised for IDFA in 2005 where the first success stories thrilled the audiences. Since then the possibilities of direct interaction with your target audience have been widely explored. If you start figuring out how to deal with this reality you can easily be lost in the virtual space. Yet, looking at this new landscape of digital new methods of distribution one can see that for many filmmakers it can simply be “adapt or die”.

With contributions to debates and direct consultancy Visionat Media tries to bring the complexity back to human proportions, without ignoring the immense visionary landscapes.

See our (mainly Dutch) blog for posts on this topic. Among other things we publish a series called Who is Who in DIY distribution, with twice a month a piece on one of the front runners, theorists or glamourous examples of new ways of distribution creative films.

If you are interested in learning more or in a personal consultation for you project email us.