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Greening up Dutch TV industry, bringing carbon neutral ways of working from Hollywood to Holland.

One of the aspects of the global movement towards environmental sustainability has been the development of green methods for the manufacturing of images and sounds in audiovisual industries.

VISIONAT MEDIA has built up experience with these developments over the last years.

It was in November 2005, that Warner Brothers proudly presented Syriana as the first blockbuster in the world having all his carbon emissions offset in investments in renewal energies. Since then, many other studios, films and TV shows followed with totally free carbon emission productions.

Offsets were the first solutions once the specific audiovisual carbon trackers determined the amount of carbon emissions of each of its sectors. From there several institutions started to develop methods that helped reduce energy consumption and pollution (those range from using electronic screenplays, to less pollutant lamps in sets, etc).

As a consequence of a very detailed study on audiovisual industries footprint, the New Zealand government sponsored the Greening the Screen project. This is one of the most detailed toolkits in the world for environmental procedures, with suggested measures for each department.

Some similar codes were issued first in the USA (Code of Best Practices in Sustainable Filmmaking” by Larry Engel and Andrew Buchanan) and Canada (Green Code Project). More recently,United Kingdom (UK Film Council) and France (ECOPROD) have also initiated programs in Europe.

Since cinema became concerned with being green, an enormous network of parallel services and providers (from bio fuel cars, to catering organic food chains) emerged. And with very good economic results too. This is not just a question of saving the environment, it is also a matter of economic efficiency. For example, with their green measures Warner Brothers saves up millions of dollars a year.

VISIONAT MEDIA is developing a pioneer initiative in Holland, together with Wij zijn Koel, CCCP and Maurits Groen Communications. We believe there is a real need to build a more efficient and sustainable entertainment business in our country as well. We are working on Dutch guidelines for green procedures to be taken in each audiovisual production. The next step will be the creation of a Green Seal that can be issued for those productions that comply to these procedures.

With the help of everyone we hope to achieve the greening of the whole Dutch audiovisual industry in an immediate future.

If you want to be part of this pioneer initiative or just be informed on the recent developments email us.