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Distributing lessons of dialogue in conflict as portrayed in A way out of the War on Terror to different organisations in the field.

After almost every screening of A way out of the War on Terror viewers come to us saying they want to bring the knowledge on conflict resolution that is portrayed in the film to others. We try to accommodate that with a variety of services based on the network and knowledge that we have built up on this topic during research, development and production of this film.

We provide in-company screenings, with introduction from varied speakers such as characters from the film, the director, or other specialists on this issue. The film was shown in this context to diplomats, politicians, scholars and NGO’s. Also, we can help  to organise debate sessions, lectures, anything up to multi-day teaching courses.

If you are interested in what we can do for you in this context please contact us at infoatvisionatdotnl .