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Synopsis Scheppers


Everyone is the creator of his own happiness’, a well-known proverb says. In the short film Scheppers, this can be taken quite literally: the creators from the title use shovels to look for a shred of happiness in a quagmire. In a sandpit in the northeastern part of Noord-Brabant, a group of people search for six-million-year-old shark’s teeth. They each have their own method to dig up the ‘fossil gold’ from the black soil: a mechanised riddle, a deluxe hand sieve, a simple biscuit tin or simply bare hands. Although the commercial value of the finds is negligible, the amateur palaeontologists cherish them as small treasures. The operator of the excavator has his own thoughts: ‘One makes a film, the other looks for shark’s teeth and the third may go skiing in winter. That’s the difference. But I will do none of the three’. The observations of the excavation work produce some poetical images. Fragments of spouting mud evoke associations with the famous drip paintings by the American abstract-expressionist artist Jackson Pollock. Perhaps, the quest for shark’s teeth is in line with the action painting philosophy: not the result comes first, but the activities leading to it.


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