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Acclaimed visual documentary about people who are continuously  looking for worthless six million-year-old shark’s teeth, and the eternal search for happiness.

Festivals and Press:
Daily newspaper NRC:
…a meritorious film.

Daily newspaper Trouw:
…a beautiful ‘documentary essay’.
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Synopsis Scheppers:

Everyone is the creator of his own happiness’, a well-known proverb says. In the short film Scheppers, this can be taken quite literally: the creators from the title use shovels to look for a shred of happiness in a quagmire. In a sandpit in the northeastern part of Noord-Brabant, a group of people
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Credits Scheppers:
Director: Chai Locher
Danny Braks, Willemijn Koert
Aage Hollander
Joery Skovajsa
Kristian Claas
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