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VISIONAT MEDIA developed, produced and directed  a long list of corporate films. Companies that hired us are among many others: ABN Amro, Heineken, Stichting van de Arbeid, Zonnehuizen.

VISIONAT MEDIA has built very consciously a network of creative freelancers and media craftsmen that allows us to to be able to pick up any challenging projects. For corporate media assignments VISIONAT MEDIA now works closely together with Huis van Beeld. Production companies that hired us as directors are among others CCCP, Stetz, Yune and Moodfactory.

Other film work we were involved in:

Production of Soldier of Orange revisited (see the first 10 minutes on youtube.)

Assistent director Tractor Girl in Ethiopia (a short documentary about this project.)

Assistent director Living Rights: Kenia (here’s the website)

Children of the Shipper (here’s the Dutch website)

Assistent director Birth of the Western

Director Making of Waltz

Director Making Off Screen