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Dialogue in action in the midst of what some have called the Clash of Civilisation. A documentary about the work of former MI6 negotiator Alastair Crooke who knows the power of dialogue as a way out of armed conflicts.

If you want you can watch the film online at Youtube (or at the VPRO-site).  
For a DVD email us at infoatvisionatdotnl

If you want to organise any event around the topic of this film don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide a wide variety of activities and services to further distribute the knowledge on conflict resolution that is portrayed in this film.

Synopsis A Way Out of the War on Terror:
With the Obama Administration in office, dialogue seems to return once again to the world agenda as the most effective way for resolving conflicts. Alastair Crooke knows well the  power of dialogue. As a negotiator for the MI6
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Festivals, International Screenings and Press:
A way out of the War on Terror has been screened at international festivals, and has been sold to a wide variety of international tv stations. Recently it was nominated for the Prix Italia 2009, special price for ‘programs that effect social change.
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Credits A Way Out of the War on Terror:
Director: Chai Locher
Produced by:
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