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DSCI0201With a background in Law, Carlos Natálio (1980, Lisbon), studied Cinema in the Lisbon Conservatory. His specializations are screenplay and editing. He wrote for a Portuguese TV sitcom called Y Not (2008). He directed and edited the long feature documentary Vozes Cénicas about the voice classes of Sara Belo, a Portuguese singer and singing teacher. In 2007, he directed and edited a short film for A manhã volta sempre, a theatre-dance project based on the Portuguese translations of the French texts: Le théâtre, by Emma Santos and Credo by Enzo Cormann. Also in Lisbon he worked in Estoril Film Festival as a print traffic coordinator.

In 2008, April-December, he made an internship in the programming department of Lisbon Film Museum where he organized several films showings. For instance, in January 2009: Time Without Space/ Space with Time and in May 2009 Mine is Bigger Than Yours – Guns in Cinema.

He regularly writes film criticism for some online specialized publications.

He was awarded by the Portuguese State a grant to do an international internship with VISIONAT MEDIA (May 2009-January 2010). At the moment he is working at the company and his areas of expertise are DIY Distribution, political documentary and sustainable filmmaking. He also cooperates with other institutions in film programming. In 2010, he is coordinating a Portuguese Film Festival in Amsterdam under the VISIONAT MEDIA project Le Monde C’est L’autre.