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Green film making?

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by Chai Locher on May 31, 2010

In line with our project Greening up TV industries we organise an industry meeting on climate neutral film and tv production this Friday at the Environmental Film Festival. See their site for more, or go here for Dutch info.

We present Hollywood developments, Vancouver solutions and New Zealand Reports, we have specialist Yoeri van Alteren on his work in greening up (small) businesses, and we have a discussion with Dutch film producers and others with experience in the field.

UPDATE 3-6-2010: New speakers confirmed. Lauren Becker, experienced Hollywood line producer, will talk about her efforts to green up the film sets she produced in LA and San Francisco. Geraldo Vallen, owner of Dutch production company Czar, will talk about their efforts to green up their entire business. Kees van Velzen, will talk about his paperless production process.

Join the discussion this Friday, June 4, from 15.00-17.00 at Studio K.

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