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IDFA harvest

by Chai Locher on November 25, 2009

Unfortunately we didn’t win the big IDFA development price for the Lessons of the Old Elite project yesterday. But that’s about the only sad news from the first days at IDFA. I pitched the plan to producers and commissioning editors a few days earlier. That went extremely well. Good reactions. A bunch of follow coffee meetings will be on the way.

On sunday we spent some time with Peter Broderick. I like to call him the God of Self Distribution. His lecture was roughly the same as the one I attended a couple of years ago, but he added some nice new examples and strategies. Later that afternoon he advised on individual projects. That gave some inspiring ideas for A way out of the War on Terror and Dialogues Distributed. At the Guest meet Guest drinks we discussed the European situation. He was happy to hear about the many interesting Dutch projects we could introduce him to. Some of the insights of all these conversations on new ways of distribution I will post later.

And finally I achieved my little personal goal of meeting with Atef Dalgamoni, commissioning editor for Al Jazeera. I was able to get his attention for A way out of the War on Terror!

So far all goes well. A few more people to meet, especially some connected to the Green Production issues.
And the rest of the time will be filled with documentaries. I have one tip: Weapon of War, by my brave friends Femke en Ilse van Velzen from IF Productions.

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